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Quinn Omori for VP Academic

Ask yourself: ďAMS, what have you done for me lately?Ē The answer is nothing. Like a spouse with herpes, the AMS just takes your money, and gives you no love, unless you take the insidious contagious diseases that come with it. Also, like most of the current exec, the payoff doesnít last too long and the sex is shitty. If you elect me for VP Academic, thatíll change.

First of all, Iíll be drunk. That means Iíll already be intellectually superior to my predecessors. In fact, most of the time Iíll probably be passed out, but thatís still leagues ahead of the competition. Also, even though all that alcohol will damage my prowess in the love department, thereís no way in hell I can be worse in the sack than [name deleted due to Canadian slander law].

So, rise up students of UBC. RISE UP against irrelevant student governments! RISE UP against squandered student fees! And RISE UP and elect a borderline alcoholic to the office of VP Academic! It canít get any worse; it might as well be soaked in free beer.

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The Radical Beer Faction is UBC's oldest political party. For the past 16 years, the RBF has toiled ceaselessly to promote inebriation, irreverence and informed choice at UBC.

If you, the students of UBC, give us 10% of the vote, we will throw one big ugly mother of a free keg party on campus.

Vote online now at www.ams.ubc.ca/elections/. It's easy and fun, and you can do it with a beer in your hand!