The Keg History

The Radical Beer Faction: The Early Years

Since its inception in 1905 the AMS has been gouging the life out of the students of UBC. What do the students have to show for it? A sore ass and 39 bucks less in the bank. How many UBC students really benefited from the million dollars spent campaigning for the release of political prisoners in East Timor?

In 1988 a group of visionaries looked at what the AMS was doing with their cash and said "Wait a fucking minute here! This bunch of numbnuts are blowing my money on new benches and campaigning for the release of some hostage in who knows where. Let's take over the AMS council and do something that would actually benefit the students of UBC."

Thus the Bloc Physsoc was formed. The bloc entered the next AMS election and won several positions on council, but never seized any real power.

By 1989 it was clear that the current members of the Bloc were becoming softened by the cushy chairs they had been occupying. The Radical Beer Faction was formed to deal with student politics the way it should be dealt with. Drunk.

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