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Dan Anderson

What would life be like at UBC if the student populace had no ties to the external world? I aim to find out. With proven experience at alienating major political figures with insulting drunken comments, I am obviously the best choice.

By solely keeping strong ties with breweries and the BC Liquor Control Board, I will provide a show of faith to the providers of liquid joy, and they will drop alcohol prices accordingly. If this fails, I will set up quasi-legal microbreweries and distilleries all over campus. Those cold, dark broom closets will finally be used, persuant to the AMS mandate to make better use of space and to increase student space.

I will liase frequently with local brewery owners like Peter Russell and will provide transcripts of major meetings to ensure transparency. Because if beer is transparent, my campaign promises might as well be, too.

Vote for the Radical Beer Faction. The RBF - dealing with student politics the way it should be. Drunk.

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