The Keg Tinka
for President

Are you tired of electing cookie-cutter student politicians who waste your precious time and money on meaningless resume-padding "projects" and "services"? Isn't it time for a change? This year, vote for Excitement! Vote for Adventure! Vote for the Radical Beer Faction! When you vote for the RBF, you're sending a message, one that says "The AMS is so irrelevant to my life, I'm willing to turn it over to a bunch of ethically challenged borderline alcoholics just so I can have a good laugh as they burn the place to the ground!"

If you elect me and my compatriots, it will be a year to remember. We won't promise there'll be much left when we're done, but we do guarantee that there will be plenty of good times before the money runs out. Once the bank accounts are dry, it's time for Plan B: selling off the furniture for beer money.

Hell, we all know that the AMS President is just a figurehead. This year, make it a DRUNKEN figurehead. Vote Radical Beer Faction.

Tinka's Poster
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